OK, so telecoms isn’t sexy, it isn’t even very interesting, but get things right and both you and your customers will be happy, get it wrong and your business will fail to reach it’s potential, and/or you could end up with some very big bills.

Phone Power’s aim is to provide you with what you need to create a a way of working that is right for you and your customers. We will look at how you can take full advantage of the latest technology to make sure people can contact you using landline rather than mobile numbers – and also show you how to take control of routing your calls to maximise business – while not  be a slave to taking every incoming call 24/7.

Phone systems for small business

Phone Power telephony solutions allow your business to grow – without the investment falling apart when you move home or business premises.

We will show you how modern systems, using Internet technology, will stop you having to enter into costly contracts with the telecoms giants that have the potential to cause substantial business disruption, confusion for customers and pain for you!

Our solutions have been tested over the past 10 years by our parent company, TelePA, a business totally reliant on telephony to operate and serve its customers.  Think of TelePA as the pioneers that have done all the learning so that you don’t have to!  We have seen small businesses take full advantage of inexpensive and flexible new technologies and others be pushed into expensive plans that fail. Phone Power will make sure you are in the driving seat and avoid expensive mistakes.

Telephone Skills Training and Outsourcing of Call Answering

In addition to guiding you through your options, Phone Power will give you access to best practice training in making a brilliant first impression for your callers, whether you choose to answer your own calls, employ others to do this, or outsource to specialist “virtual” service such as TelePA.co.uk.