About Us

Based in the South West since 2004 and with a highly skilled, long serving team, we have direct experience of managing the transition between the traditional 20th century ways of doing business and the new Internet-led systems.

Voted Somerset’s E-Business of the Year in 2009, and Business Communicator of the Year in 2013, we have been “early adopters” of cutting edge technologies, or as our long term partner Springboard IT (software developers) would say – “bleeding edge technologies” and have pushed traditional and “cloud” applications to their limits.

Judith Ludovino, Managing Director explains:

“I didn’t expect to become an expert in telecommunications – but because managing phone calls is the centre of what my business TelePA does – and therefore business critical for me – I have investigated, and rejected, many solutions over the years. In 2007 my business was offered a telephony solution costing £50,000 only to find a more flexible alternative that cost lest than £1000 – a solution we still use, albeit with newer hardware, ten years later.

We have moved premises three times in the last ten years – because of the technology we use this has been an absolute breeze.  Plug and play.  No changing phone numbers, no battles with BT or hanging around waiting for BT engineers, no unexpected bills and zero down time.

Now we want you to benefit from what we have learned so you can save yourself a huge amount of money, and have systems that are and will remain fit for purpose.”

Judith Ludovino, TelePA and Phone Power

Judith Ludovino FRSA, Managing Director