Hoorah we’re in!

The files have been pruned, packed and unpacked, the desks dismantled and reassembled, the computer stuff bubble wrapped and unwrapped the artwork is on the walls, coffee in the kitchen and … hey presto we’re in our new premises and up and running!

Thanks to the flexibility of our new landlords, we had already installed Superfast Internet, so … as promised it really was as easy as ABC (well apart from the bad backs, bruised fingers etc etc.)

Hosted vs In-House Routing

When is it better to have an in-house switchboard, and when does it make sense to adopt a hosted, or “cloud” solution?

Well it’s all about how many internal extensions you want!  If you want a handful of extensions, or up to 100 assuming that you have a robust Internet connection, a hosted solution will handle the situation just fine, and save you thousands of pounds.  However … each internal call/connection will be sucking some of the juice out of you Internet …. so it may make sense to have an “in-house” switchboard using more traditional connectivity.

If in doubt … talk to us!

Moving office …. again

TelePA, parent of Phone Power, has been the anchor tenant at Mendip Hub, Wells, since 2013.

The Mendip Hub’s five year lease at Southover, Wells, has come to an end and the landlord has chosen to let the building as one unit rather than the current three … so with great sadness Mendip Hub and all it’s users – including Phone Power and TelePA Ltd are facing a third office move in ten years!

December 8th 2017 will be removal day, although (of course) we will be installing Superfast Internet before we arrive.

22b Lodge Hill Business Park is remarkably similar to our current premises, so by the time we’ve got a few pictures on the walls we will be feeling right at home.

Keep in touch with how the move goes through this blog!